Harmonics of the Solar System


In looking at the many trigonometrical combinations of planets within constellations of stars at the time and place of a person's birth on Earth, special attention is given to triangular and squared combinations, called yogas. Other yogas include off-center and non-equilateral combinations that put a 'spin' on things rather than serve as a strong foundation (like a square wall or triangular roof). When the planets are in these angular positions, their influence is amplified among themselves and upon Earth.

Sacred Geometry Illustrations from Johannes Kepler

Each planet is 'charged' with more than just a positive or negative -- what is the negative of fire, what is the negative of water, what is the negative of air or earth? Rather than a simple black or white, on or off, it is a spectrum of degrees, like light and sound. Lighter, darker, higher, lower, these are just an example of looking at a 'thing' or describing an attribute of a 'personality' -- the combinations are endless and variations infinite. Good vs. bad is not that simple -- 'what is' vs. 'what isn't' is simpler.

Light from the Sun passing through a prism displays all the colors of the rainbow. But there is much we do not see also passing through the prism. The same for the spectrum of sound -- humans have a range much smaller than that of dolphins and whales who can hear and make sounds in frequencies inaudible to the human ear.

Some frequencies are planetary in size and go unnoticed because we have no instruments capable of receiving these signals, but the resonating medium is the Earth itself and all within it. The Earth rings like a bell (around 7-8 Hz) as well as the Moon, and the planets -- the Sun itself is the prime mover, resonator, 'ringing' the Earth and all of us, too.

The theory of relativity has been having some challenges lately. The concept of 'dark matter' had to be introduced to explain why the power of gravity isn't causing the universe to collapse within itself. Steven Hawking admitted shortly before his death that he could not prove black holes exist as he had theorized mathematically. There was no way to prove an 'event horizon' since there was no way to measure it. No scientist could answer the question as to why galaxies don't suck everything in to the center. How does the Moon stay in orbit around the Earth when calculating its mass and velocity it should be crashing into the Earth (according to the theory of relativity)?

Niels Bohr had an alternative to Einstein's theory. The power of attraction between atomic elements are billions times stronger than that of gravity. And the universe is made up of 99% plasma -- oceans of neutrons, electrons, photons unbound to any atoms yet. Streams of plasma flow from star to star and throughout the galaxies forming other celestial bodies. According to 'new physics' (alternatives to relativity), the Sun is a giant ball of plasma, highly charged, pouring out atomic material (i.e. plasma) like pouring a pancake on a spinning griddle, ever expanding from the center at the speed of light. This plasma flow creates an ever-expanding disc of plasma, and the flow of these atomic elements which are charged create a field that propels them further and faster like a rail gun. The inertia from the plasma flow creates a charged field that propels the plasma further. The heavier elements fall into an orbit around the Sun forming Mercury and Venus. Lighter elements like water find themselves in an orbit where we find the Earth. Much lighter elements are propelled further to form the gaseous giants like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. All the planets represent 'standing waves' where these charged elements have formed planets. Each planet represents a 'harmonic' of the Sun -- the whole solar system is essentially the Sun and its expansion and within a disc-shaped 'bubble' field that resembles a flame at its outer edges. And all of it is required in order to have an Earth, teeming with life. There could not be an Earth without all the rest, it is all part of the Sun's process.

The Sun spins and orbits the galactic center, the planets spin and orbit the Sun, many have moons that spin and orbit them, this 'spinning' of huge charged entities creates massively charged fields. The Moon orbiting the Earth is essentially a giant dynamo, a generator by any other name, a rotor and stator, in 'perpetual motion.' Tesla discovered that grounding coiled wire in various inventive ways created an antenna with a resonant frequency that could either transmit or receive a resonance 'wirelessly' to others with the same resonant frequency. This became the basis of radio, using silicon crystals with specific resonant frequencies to 'tune in' to broadcasts of the same frequency. At all times everywhere in the universe, the resonance of millions of frequencies are present. Even on Earth, dozens of radio stations' broadcast signals are going through our bodies every second. Thousands of cell phone and wifi signals, not to mention all the leaky microwave ovens, transformers, jack-hammers (yes, resonators), musicians, ... ;-) You get the idea. It is this resonance that is powering everything.

Now in order to 'hear' a resonance, you have to 'tune in.' If the broadcaster and the receiver have crystals that resonate at the same frequency, the signal can be received. If you and I held a tuning fork tuned to the same key, when either of us rang our fork, the other's would also vibrate. And if the other struck his fork, the originator would feel his fork amplify. And if either could strike their fork repeatedly at the exact frequency of the tone (or a harmonic thereof) both forks would vibrate wildly. When a signal is applied at the resonant frequency of the medium, the signal's amplitude can double or quadruple, depending on the medium, frequency, etc.. Like a crystal wine glass shattering if a certain note is sung.

Take a look at matter, and the closer one looks, the less one finds -- lots and lots of space between those electrons and protons. And then inside the electrons, there is nothing! Nothing but a charge. We still haven't found a 'thing'! But it is very well arranged ... ;-)

We push on what we think are the edges and wait for a push back, a resistance, then we say, 'there it is.' Quarks and strings and flavors are all we can call it now.

OK, too far out on the tangent, but maybe some of it will make sense. I'm trying to make a convincing case that the universe is teeming with energy, with resonance, and thus, with life. And, I suppose the hardest part for some to consider is that the Sun has had any role in the creation of the Earth, and whether life in this form is a product of that creation. Considering our Sun is only a few billion years old, most of the galaxy is older than that by billions more. Like an apple tree makes apples, the Earth makes 'peoples' (and all the rest!).

Please don't tell me the only intelligence in the universe is on Earth -- what intelligence?! As far as I can see, everything follows a pattern, design, logic, order, a natural balance. The human being is one of the most incredible inventions ever. The 108 sex positions alone are uncanny. How about the eye? How is it even connected? How do I walk and talk and learn anything? And yet we are born completely dumb -- it would take life times to rediscover all that has been discovered before. We are driving the USS Enterprise to McDonald's. So much power unrealized -- which is a good thing for dumb people to some extent.

The truth is ever before us -- it is what it is, whether we know it or not. It's amazing how something ever-present and always right in front of us can be missed for so long. Without questioning and giving due consideration, 'the answer' has no where to go but to remain undiscovered. But ignorance has no excuse -- the whole of human history is but a web query away. The allegories and mythologies of ancient Egypt, India, Alexandria are rich in timeless wisdom if one is curious enough to search. I have a certain appreciation for Pythagoras for whom mathematics was secret and sacred knowledge, revealing the secrets of the universe. He formed a brotherhood for the purposes of studying the 'mysteries' with the threat of death if anyone revealed their secrets to the uninitiated.

OK, so what have I covered: the Sun is a plasma ball with a cold fusion surface that produces all the matter in the solar system. The Sun receives streams of plasma from other stars and from within the universe itself (which is 99% plasma). The flow of plasma from the sun forms a radiant disk within which the planets form and are kept in orbit. The Sun is dark in the middle, nothing but plasma -- close ups of sun spots reveal openings in the surface of the Sun revealing a dark inner core. You won't find that in the text books!

The Sun 'rings,' and the planets form as harmonics to that 'ringing' and will have a harmonic resonant frequency with the Sun. The other planets are in on it, too, a symphony, a dance of the planets. The positions of the planets can perturb the orbits of each other when they get nearer than usual. The Earth's axis has a slant and a wobble, and the others do too, some with nearly the same axis tilt. And as the Sun rings, so do all active stars we see in the sky. They are all in resonance with each other, all from the same 'womb.' Every one affecting and being affected by every one. So many roles to play, so many notes to sing. Some will revolve around others, some will be big, others small, some fast, others slow, some bright, some dark -- every sphere is polarized with a dominant side. A front and a back, a top and a bottom, and a right and a left -- and all the degrees in between. And that sphere is spinning -- nothing can really be still.

So what does this have to do with astrology? ;-) I'm appealing to your logic and skepticism with a scientific argument asserting that stars and planets have an influence upon each other and upon the creatures within their spheres. If you can accept that premise, we can see how far down the rabbit hole you are willing to go. ;-) The continuous process of Creation, and your role in it, is to be understood.

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