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We used to talk about the possibility of a 'unified field' that begets all the others -- I think the Ether is the place to look. I have been enjoying the videos of Ken Wheeler on Tesla, magnetism, and light -- he's quite a unique character. He incorporates knowledge from his study of ancient Pali, from which Sanksrit was derived. He's also studied extensively the books of Tesla and Charles Proteus Steinmetz, among many others. Very interesting study in field theory. Wheeler defines magnetism and light as perturbations of the ether, pressure mediations and rates of induction in the ether. I think he is bang on, and ties in the physical with the metaphysical very coherently. He has written a rather extensive book on magnetism that ties in light, electricity, the dielectric field, phi and the golden ratio, 108 degrees angle in the water molecule, and resonance theory.

Here's an intro video:

The ether is the 'substrate' of the universe, not space. Literally 'space' means the absence of any thing, having no properties, space cannot be 'bent.' The ether is a sea of raw energy from which all else are manifest. Light, heat, gases, liquids, solids are harmonics of the ether, their elements in perfect balance with the laws of nature. The ether can be bent, perturbed, pressured, charged -- that is the basis of manifestation of atoms and stars. The fields generated by charged ether form a kind of 'light body' serving as its root. The fields represent the bodies. A field is a kind of knot in the ether -- should it be untied, there would be 'no thing.'

How fields work and their influence are not well understood -- they are generally ignored in the theory of relativity. Gravity is essentially an expression of magnetism, and the magnetic fields generated by stars, planets, moons, and comets are all interacting with each other, not just their gravitational forces. The atomic bonds in a molecule are billions of times stronger than gravitational force. The Sun is like a fountain that pours out atomic material and plasma throughout the solar system. The entire solar system is contained within a charged field from the plasma disc, and all the planets are harmonic nodes in resonance with the Sun. Each planet has its own field, a light body, a 'soul,' a song.

The study of the effects of astronomical harmonic resonances is in fact astrology. The ether is known as the Akash in Sanskrit. The akashic record is said to contain all the impressions ever made within it. Every word and action manifest and the resulting response recorded in perpetuity. The Truth forever embedded as its root. What we say to ourselves and to others literally shapes our world, setting up the next step. We influence the world and we are influenced by it. What we say matters and either rings true or falls flat.

The intention that precedes the words is where the real root of the matter is. It colours our world, sets the tone, puts everything into perspective, and the world responds. And if our 'song' is in harmony with our world's opus, what a jam it is! The sap, the juice, the fuel -- power and empowerment.

So what is the intention that spawns our world? One need only look within. If you don't like the song, change the tune. ;-)

Do people realize how much power they wield on a daily basis? Nothing but opportunities.

Hare Om Hare, No need to worry!

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