Words, Speaking, Truth


These words come to you care of the 'truth process' -- a stream of thought processed into writing in which everything said shall be truthful. That includes saying "I don't know" as the case may be. Where these words come from, I do not know -- how do thoughts arise? I witness them and apparently respond in kind. This inner dialogue continues throughout my waking day and in my dreams at night. Sometimes what I say to myself is comforting, sometimes fearful, sometimes from the gut, sometimes from the head. All my organs are talking, adding to the mix. My temper is a bit 'bilious' when my liver is overtaxed. Even food 'talks,' and I have Pavlovian responses. Every 'desire' is a calling from some part of my self.

I often wonder which voice is 'mine' -- am I the listener or the speaker here? I do not agree with everything I think. I will often stop and say, "oh, come on, what a bunch of crap!" I will chide myself. ;-)

So what am I after? It's just an endless circle to look for oneself. I recognize there is a process, and 'I' am within it. Searching for truth is like searching for oneself, and the realization is the same for both. The arrow cannot point to itself. The eye cannot see itself. My reflection is the best I can get, with other people serving as mirrors -- but reflecting what? That may be why it sometimes appears that others know me better than myself.

The search for truth is the telling of the truth and listening to what is said. It is a dialogue. 'Who am I? Why am I here?' There is a response to every question. But in the end, the answers to those questions, 'I' must answer; the response is 'mine.' The answer comes from me.

First of all, I already 'am'. I am 'here,' although I may question why -- I have to be somewhere. ;-) I suppose the better question is 'where am I going?'

Answering 'what's happening?' is a process of discernment that leads to 'what's so.'

Because the truth is ever in front of us, it is merely to be realized. But who I am and why ultimately comes from within me, it is that inner witness/listener/speaker/actor process that others are witnessing of me. My 'expression' is this process revealing itself in the world. Who I am is the one that answers the question, answering in so many ways. In every word and act, every day, I am acting in accordance with who I 'think' I am or think I 'should' be.

But what of the things we say to ourselves that are not true? How are we shaped by a misunderstanding of ourselves? There is ample evidence that humankind can be made to believe just about anything from 'authorities.' Years long indoctrination condition generations to accept the definitions of the powerful as to who they are and why they are here. The questions are answered for them. To question is heresy befitting eternal punishment. Your lord loves you, but obey or be destroyed.

I discovered my own voice when I finally said, "NO! That's enough! I'm not taking this any more!" To the surprise of those that 'knew' me.

Thus it is the call to Liberty that empowers. Freeing the mind. Throwing off the yoke. I may not know who I am but I am not 'that.' Take your claims off my body, my labors, and my mind. I'll tell you who I am, not the other way around. I will tell you to what I am committed, not the other way around. I will give to whom I wish, not to the maddening claims of others. You may make a respectful request of me, and I may choose to accept or not. Who I am becomes clearer as I discard the conditioning of who I am not.

Thus if I am not that, what then? Once cleared of servile dogma, there is room for me to speak. I am responsible and I declare it so. I am grateful and endeavor to be humble. I care about the world, and there are people I care about. I will contribute my energy to their protection and empowerment. I celebrate the world and want to bring something to the party. I am a full and complete person, lacking nothing, cup running over. I wish to be in harmony with what's so and to understand. And quite frankly, I am in awe! ;-)

This is true Liberation. It's to take hold of the steering wheel. It's to have a heading, an aim, an intent. To turn will into act. To declare what I am about. Note, I place no obligations upon anyone else to pay or say. In an age of identity-politics, pointing out that the emperor drag-queen-storytime-at-the-library has no clothes gets you tarred and feathered by the mob.

So the search for truth is actually the exposure of lies. The lies we tell others, the lies we tell ourselves, the lies we believe. The 'truth process' eventually reveals racket after racket of power and graft propping up a web of lies to keep the common people dis-empowered and in perpetual 'service.'

The truth shall set you free -- but first it will piss you off! Being liberated in a world of the self-deluded is the real challenge. Trying to wake people up is not easy, and there are so many more of 'them' than there are of 'us.'

Deception is the enemy. False words propping up false worlds. Lies, damned lies, and statistics. Cheating and conniving, fleecing the ignorant, indebting the "educated."

But words have power -- and the truth cuts like a knife. A lie once exposed has no more power.

Telling the truth is wielding a powerful weapon. More powerful than a bomb. Those that can wield the weapon of truth have unlimited ammunition and can only be disarmed by being silenced, but that changes the truth not one iota. Hence the 1st Amendment in the Bill of Rights. If the truth shall set one free, what does shielding one from the truth do? What can lies do? What can exposing lies do?

As creative creatures, we are making stuff up all the time -- that's what we do! If we don't know the reason, we will give it a reason. We speculate, we propose, we gamble -- we lie. We adapt, adjust and improvise. We name things! There are words for everything, even for the things we don't know what they are. The fluent are the affluent -- knowledge is power. The power to define worlds and social order.

Words that resonate, that ring true for people, are empowering and encouraging. And if those words are in fact true and in accord with the natural order of things, what power indeed can they wield in others. Like passing a flame from candle to candle.

What is the Truth? It is what it is, whether we are aware of it or not. Do we have any 'say'? Yes, all the time. The 'truth' is reality -- of which I am a part. Everyone one of us is a part. Not only a part of the world, but each a world within the world. Like the Sun, I do not see myself, I see only the brightness of the planets upon which I shine. I affect my world by my very presence, just as the presence of the world affects me.

What are you saying? And what do you think you are doing? ;-)

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