I want to take a deeper dive into the phenomena of 'resonance' in the context of 'Power and Empowerment.'

Mirriam-Webster's Dictionary definition:

Definition of resonance

1 athe quality or state of being resonant
b (1)a vibration of large amplitude in a mechanical or electrical system caused by a relatively small periodic stimulus of the same or nearly the same period as the natural vibration period of the system
(2)the state of adjustment that produces resonance in a mechanical or electrical system
2 athe intensification and enriching of a musical tone by supplementary vibration
ba quality imparted to voiced sounds by vibration in anatomical resonating chambers or cavities (such as the mouth or the nasal cavity)
ca quality of richness or variety
da quality of evoking response
3the sound elicited on percussion of the chest
4the conceptual alternation of a chemical species (such as a molecule or ion) between two or more equivalent allowed structural representations differing only in the placement of electrons that aids in understanding the actual state of the species as an amalgamation of its possible structures and the usually higher-than-expected stability of the species
5 athe enhancement of an atomic, nuclear, or particle reaction or a scattering event by excitation of internal motion in the system
6an extremely short-lived elementary particle
7a synchronous gravitational relationship of two celestial bodies (such as moons) that orbit a third (such as a planet) which can be expressed as a simple ratio of their orbital periods

Just taking a quick look at the various uses of the word resonance:
a state of being resonant, a vibration, a state of adjustment in mechanics and electronics, the intensification and enriching of musical tones by supplementary vibration, the quality imparted to voiced sounds in resonant chambers (like the mouth or nasal cavity), a quality of richness or variety, the sound of beating one's chest, molecular or ionic structural stability, the enhancement of atomic reactions, magnetic resonance, a measure of quantum particles, and the synchronous gravitational relationship of 2 celestial bodies.

Synonyms for resonant: golden, orotund, plangent, resounding, reverberant, reverberating, reverberative, ringing, rotund, round, sonorous, vibrant

Everything awesome has a resonance. ;-) The crack of the bat! Hitting the sweet spot of the tennis racket, the ring of an iron bell, the roar of a motorcycle, thunder and lightning ...

Whatever makes you say, "Yes! Right on!" It's what makes you 'rock'! It turns on, tunes in, and excites! Flip the switch, and the lights go on.

"I've got a good 'buzz' going, let's put on some 'tunes!'" Bang that drum, bend those guitar strings, sing your heart out. It's all happening with resonance.

It is said that when atomic 'particles' get 'excited' they generate heat and vice versa. When the 'excitement' is arranged such that all the particles' polarity are similarly aligned, a magnetic field can be generated. Moving and/or spinning magnetic fields also generate dielectric fields tangentially to the magnetic fields. Electricity as we commonly know it, is strongest along the dielectric field where moving a wire along that field will generate an electrical current along the wire (a resonance). As well, the same can be done in reverse, the electric current can create a dielectric field that will form a magnetic field -- the two go hand in hand.

All atomic 'spheres' are spinning at very high speeds, every atom being an energy bubble, with a harmonic resonance field related to that which spins within. And with spin comes inertia -- the faster it spins, the harder it is to move or stop -- or to completely eliminate 'wobble.' No matter how fast the top, the axis will wobble -- i.e. precess. It can wobble fast or slow, it depends on the speed and mass of the object.

If you spin a top with a magnet as its axis, the magnetic (and dielectric) field will spin, too. The wobbling of the spinning field creates a pulsing at a particular 'frequency,' the period of which it takes to complete one cycle. Whether it is an electron, an atom, a planet, a star, or a galaxy of stars, the mechanics are the same.

You may have noticed while working with electric motor controllers that changing the speed requires changing the frequency of the pulses. To transmit electric power, 50/60 Hz has become a standard, but when using pulsed motors, the frequency of the voltage pulse moves the rotor, not the current. It's interesting to listen to these motors power up and down -- very musical. My mother has a new Honda Accord hybrid and when backing out of the driveway with the electric motor, it sounds like music, like the old MacIntosh power-on sound, a chord of notes.

One of the phenomena of resonance is harmonics. Things that 'ring', will ring at a certain frequency, a specific 'note.' And it will cause to vibrate anything else within range that rings at that frequency. It is how radios work. Large bells in fact receive many signals, and those signals with frequencies matching any harmonics of the bell's resonant frequency will cause the bell to vibrate more than those that do not. Applying the right sound to the bell can make it 'ring' louder than the transmitting signal. The harmonic resonance amplifies the signal, giving it more volume.

Harmonics are demonstrable with music. The musical tone of 'A' is standardised at 440 Hz. Doubling the frequency of the sine waves produces the next higher octave of the note of A -- keep doubling even past the point of what the human ear can discern, harmonics of 'A' can turn into X-Rays in the key of A. Harmonics are like standing waves -- just the right frequency to reflect back on itself. Waves in the ocean can harmonise and become very big. Opposing waves at the same frequency but offset by 50% can cancel each other out - no waves. Just like noise reduction headphones.

Harmonics are the difference between music and noise. And resonance is all pervasive, not just in music but in the very fabric of the universe. The Uni-Verse, the One Song, a grand opus, is a symphony of incredible order. Everything is built-in, the Laws of Nature are immutable and unbreakable. Everything created is in perfect order with the basis of reality -- and as far as we can comprehend every 'thing' is made up of attracting and opposing energies at a quantum level.

Harmonic 'chords' are different notes that sound 'good' together, they are in harmony, like A, C# & E; they are 'in accord.' Who says? Everyone notices a 'wrong' note. It is something we are capable of discerning. In fact some notes can be down right unbearable. Harmonics are in accord with the laws of nature.

Banging on the piano without knowing how to play is not music to anyone's ears. A great singer, a talented violinist, are conveying something more than just sound -- we are getting it and getting into it. Certain vibes influence a mood, and moods influence a culture, and cultures influence a society.

The fundamental leap is from resonance merely exciting others but conveying 'meaning' -- communicating, moving the heart, illuminating the mind. What limit is there to the meaning of every thing?

Do you understand what I am saying? Can you hear me? Hello? Can you see me waving my hands? Even the words on this piece of paper convey sounds and images when reading them. If what I say resonates with you, you will say, 'yeah.' Symbols, logos, myths can convey deep and hidden meaning with secret 'power.' Temples are designed for celestial alignments with resonating domes and pillars.

My apologies, I can go all day like this -- I see resonance at the root of everything, particularly when it comes to Power and Empowerment. What is power? What empowers? What is 'good' and 'right'? What is 'in accord' with the nature of this world, this existence, this life? What does it mean? Does anything mean more than what I say it means?

Which brings us to the power of the 'word.' Speaking is bringing the metaphysical to the physical. Words can enlighten, or they can deceive. Then can empower or condemn. Thoughts precede words, and words precede action. It is through speaking that everything is born in this world. Words spoken truthfully are empowering. Words that resonate with people are contagious.

SO, what am I getting at... I am merely conveying an understanding of the universe based upon resonant field theory. The Sun is resonant, the Earth and Moon are resonant. Rocks and stones are resonant, and when arranged and shaped in certain alignments can amplify that resonance. Water is resonant -- in 3 different forms, gas, liquid, and solid. All matter of wood is resonant -- how about living plants and flowers? Yep. Fire is resonant! Radiation is resonance. A river flowing along its river bed is literally a resonating 'current.' Music is resonance, as is poetry -- and just plain ol' truth telling. ;-) If it moves hearts and minds, is poignant, strikes a chord, it's resonance. In fact, it's resonance we find at the bleeding edge of creation, the stream of consciousness unfolding the world(s), a long 'squirt' (rather than a big bang). In the beginning was the Word ... ;-)

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