The scientific proofs of astrology are found in the study of resonance


Resonance is the physical key to the metaphysical world. The scientific proofs of astrology are found in the study of resonance. Tesla said, "The Earth rings like a bell." Humans are solar-powered, wirelessly, in harmony with the resonance of the Sun. We are creations of the Sun, which is a creation of the Galaxy, which is a creation of the known Universe. Creation is a constant process, not just a big bang, but a Long Squirt! The Milky Way isn't a drain sucking everything into a back hole, it is a sprinkler spitting out stars!

The unified field leads to the Ether, a sea of raw energy, activated by resonance. The planets are harmonic nodes of the Sun -- they are in perfect resonance and that is also what keeps them in orbit. What is almost universally ignored in establishment physics is the power and effect of energy fields caused by plasma pouring out of the Sun. The Sun is the Soul of the solar system, its beating heart -- its official name is Sol. The Sun turns us on! There are literally thousands of signals passing through us right now, and we can 'listen in' if capable of resonating at that frequency. If I hit my tuning fork and you are in ear shot and holding an identical tuning fork, your fork will also resonate.

Frequencies can be heard or seen if in the range of our resonance sensors (i.e. ears and eyes). The smaller the frequency gets, the 'higher' the note. Micro-waves can transmit power to and from towers operating at the same frequency. A strong microwave can turn a man into vapor in an instant.

Theoretically, waves as big as planets are mathematically possible but would be hard to measure from within the planet itself. The Moon is in fact a giant dynamo with all of its characteristics. The resonant fields generated by the motion of the Moon orbiting the Earth generates magnetic and dialectric fields like a giant generator. The same with the Sun and all the planets. The Solar System is in fact the Sun itself in all its glory reaching far out to the heavens. The planets are merely the organs supporting the process like mitochondria in a cell. The planets are the resonant notes of the Sun, the Do Re Mi of the Song of Sol. All encased in a 'light body' of layers of fields generated by the constant creation of atomic material pouring out of every star.

As far as resonance goes, sound is light, and light is sound. Let there be Light! In the beginning was the Word -- you know the rest. Astrology tracks the positions of the planets (i.e. the angles of the angels) for which interpretations have been handed down since recorded time in the form of allegory and myth. All ancient temples are astronomically and astrologically based. Solar cycles, lunar cycles, and other celestial cycles are incorporated into the design.

The planets are the gods, the devas, the angels - can you see it?:

This is what the the Sun does to the fields around the planets. There may have been a time when these fields were visible like the Aurora Borealis but on a planetary scale. In the anatomy of an angel, the planet is found at its throat chakra, and it has a song to sing, conducted by the Sun. Here the Words of the gods are spoken. Of course, the planets are but demi-gods and the Sun is in effect the King of Kings, but the Sun is also part of a greater galaxy and the universe itself. God is everywhere! (You know that.)

Religion is secularized metaphysics. God is known as the I Am, which makes it pretty personal for every "I" that "is". Astrology attempts to explain the metaphysics of Life. What is metaphysics?

Physics is sound, metaphysics is music. Physics is the stage, metaphysics is the play. Metaphysics is the way, physics measures it. Metaphysics is the Word, the Intention, the science of realization, because it already is, you need only discern it. And our words matter -- they create our world. What we say to ourselves colours and charges the world we live in. Our thoughts lead to words which lead to action. Where are those thoughts coming from? Are they entirely percolating from within or do we receive any vibrations from outside of ourselves?

We are in fact incredible bio-electric energy converters, transformers, receivers, transmitters, each cell having a resonance and a charge. The human body is a highly advanced metaphysical manifestation. A creation expressing qualities of its source. An expression of the macrocosm in the microcosm and vice versa.

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