Intention -- The Spark of Creation


The Truth tempered with Love -- these are fundamentals of empowerment. It's not just what I say but how I say it. What are my intentions? Benevolence yields 'good words' - a 'benediction' sets the tone and clarifies intent. "In the beginning was the word." And it was good. ;-)

My truth, your truth -- is not truth. The truth is the truth, whether I am in alignment with it or not. I am in a constant process of development, and my direction may change from time to time, 'what is' now will not be exactly the same later or in another environment. So in that context, what is true now may not be true later -- is that the truth? Very frustrating indeed. I really cannot search for 'truth' -- I can only be truthful in the answering of questions, speaking truthfully and listening to what I say.

What is is -- at this moment in time and place. Will it be so as time passes? What will be will be, but as of now, it is only 'potentially' to be.

Remember that nothing simply 'is.' Every 'thing' is a 'happening.' Something is going on. Every moment is but a frame in the celluloid reel. Point the camera on the stone and watch it erode. We are forever right smack in the middle of it happening. Trying to hold on to a happening is futile -- I can only participate.

What has happened has happened, there is no changing the past. What is true about what we say happened? Without evidence, the past is but my memory of it and your memory and everyone else's. Books, video, audio help capture the past, but never it all, and never without some question remaining. So what is true is true, whether we know it or not.

I suppose 'truth' is merely when the answer to the same question anywhere and anytime is the same. Ideas are not truth. Descriptions of reality aim to be truth but are only as true as they actually are -- aspects of reality change. The temporal universe is in a constant process of creation in accordance with universal natural laws. I suppose the big 'T' Truth would be the answer to the origins of the universe itself, which has been the pursuit of humankind since recorded time.

Who claims to be the authority on the answers to fundamental questions concerning the common people? What obligations does 'my truth' place upon others? Is my truth actually my belief? My religion? It must be if I hold on to it in spite of 'the truth.' I do not claim to know the Truth, I can only speak truthfully -- Lord knows, I know how to tell tall tales, but when I start believing them myself, then we have a problem. ;-)

Yes, we are all fools, but I am trying to mitigate some of the risk. ;-)

Reality is the sum total of what is happening. Within it are many happenings, many atmospheres and environments -- many worlds. The insect world of ants, bees, and flies. The plant world, the animal kingdom, India -- yes, a world of its own. ;-) The thing about the worlds, is that the creatures within make things. They arrange the bones and shells of others into habitats. They decorate their environment for specific purposes. They procreate, build their world upon the ruins of previous worlds. It is a constant process of creation, so 'what is so' is always in the process of becoming.

From idea to harvest, it all starts with an intent. Not just an intent but an expressed intent and a commitment to an intent -- the process of declaring the intention in words and deeds marks the beginning. There was nothing, then there was the idea and the desire to fulfil it. First came thought, then words, then action. At all times during the action, during what was happening, the process of creation was empowered by an intent, the answer to 'why', to give meaning to the energy spent along the way.

In fact, the intention itself forms the very basis of the creation. What I say to myself about my world does create my world -- my room's decoration will be an expression of what I want my world to be -- likely to be different than the exterior world in which it is sheltered. I am indeed living in my own little world -- the degree to which it is in harmony with the 'real world' and what is happening, determines the level of my delusion.. ;-)

But that is mine to create. I enliven whatever I put my attention on. I make things, trade them, and they become parts of other people's worlds. I suppose we could call that 'my truth' and 'your truth' -- more accurately I would say 'my world' and 'your world' to at least acknowledge that we are living in different circumstances, times and places.

The experience of living is real, however, what may be influencing this experience may not necessarily be 'true.' My world may be a simulation, but my experience in it is real and can none-the-less cause natural human responses. While the world does impress upon me, I too impress upon the world, that impression is known as 'me.'

Interestingly enough, who I am expresses itself differently in different environments. In microbiology, polymorphism has been observed in micro-organisms that take on different forms when grown in different solutions. The physical environment will have a physical affect on the bio-organism, its development, and its expression..

It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when George is freaking out because of his 'worlds' colliding. I remember, too, when I was younger , I had an 'act' for whatever situation I was in. I acted one way with my parents, another with my sister, another with my friends, and whatever worked with a girl once, I was sticking with. I suppose that is a way to discover who you are, because if only in one setting, there is no calling for any of the rest to come out.

The human being has immeasurable potential. The design is incredible. And this is THE latest model, with so many latent options to engage. And yet we are hardly impressed -- we are so familiar with our 'stories' that to break out of the box would indeed cause 'worlds to collide.'

In the modern, identity obsessed world, we are being teased with so many 'narratives' to adopt, for gain in power and influence. The media push narratives that capture the attention of viewers for advertisers, Universities push narratives that support their subsidies and endowments, governments push the narrative that gets dependents, politicians push the narrative that gets votes -- it is not hard to see. Mass psychology is a popular racket now, with the power to influence millions in the hands of technocrats who control the flow of information.

So how can anyone find out the Truth with all this deliberate obfuscation going on? Well, I am entitled to the truth only as much as I am an expression of it -- we are all part of the solution. After all, it is purposeful deceptions by those with power that have reduced us to this condition in the first place. If I do not seek out what really happened, I cannot fully realize what is happening.

As a kid, I always knew something was wrong, I just couldn't put it into words -- I am still having difficulty. But 50 years later, I can see that I was merely rejecting the square peg. The jargon and spin put on anything having to do with the power over me was gibberish then, as it is now. I wasn't being educated, I was being "socialized."

Frankly, my biggest complaint with authority figures is what they are trying to enforce as our collective identity is a powerless underclass in need of governance -- the common people cannot be trusted and must therefore be policed and rehabilitated if necessary. In short, we are told we are free, as long as we obey -- i.e. respect their authority over me.

And their answers to the big questions of who we are and the purpose of life are to serve them and the narrative that funnels rivers of wealth and power to them. All the while the common people are taught to sacrifice, pay tribute, be tolerant of their oppression, serve their superiors, and hope for some benevolence from the Crown.. Hail, to the King -- his word is Law. Men playing gods -- the oldest racket in the book.

Self-determination is the essence of free will. There are many obstacles though if one expects to change anything. We start with what is happening and jump in there. If we want to turn the stage coach around, we've got to get in the driver's seat and take hold of the reins, and say, "WHOA!!"

Speaking the right words at the right time. ;-)

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