Is Life Predestined?


Snakes and snails
And puppy-dogs' tails
That's what little boys are made of.

Sugar and spice
And everything nice
That's what little girls are made of.

Actually that's not too far off...

Venus and Mars,
the Moon and the Stars,
that's what We all are made of.

We are quite literally made up of star dust, liquid crystalline ordered, solar powered, turned on and tuned in. Everything is 'charged' physically and metaphysically -- supporting forces come to our aid and opposing forces face off. To live, to be, is to take a position, an aim, an attitude, a tempo, to not be neutral, to take a stand. When truly empowered, you pick a side, cast your lot, take a risk, make a move -- all of which have responses from the 'world.' So be it -- you choose to play the game and you play the cards you're dealt.

Of course life is not a game, but games emulate life. We have free will but only in regard to what's happening at the time and place. I am free to take my vacation in Hawaii, and it is my choice to do so, but once in the air on the plane, my choices become limited to what is possible in flight. I can sleep or look out the window, talk to my neighbor or watch a movie. I will have to watch my temper as we are herded like cattle on and off the plane -- I suppose I am free to be an annoyance (and sometimes I have exercised that option) but not without consequence. So I censor myself and aim to be polite and patient (contrary to my inclinations). Do I have free will? As much as I can handle, I suppose. ;-)

Ever the path grows narrower. With each new choice and time running down, future possibilities change. I've taken an appointment downtown, and I will show up rain or shine. The same is for the 'planetary' weather. Saturn may rain on my parade but I will proudly carry the banner as promised. The point I am trying to make here is that the interaction of the planets with Earth produce planetary weather that can affect crops, animals, and humans - check the Farmer's Almanac. And it is our choice to proceed no matter the weather or not.

It is not that everything is predestined, but there are a lot of parts to our world that are, particularly the cycles of the Earth, Sun, Moon and the planets. It is 'predestined' that the Sun will rise again. It is 'predestined' that Saturn will take 30 years to orbit the Sun. It is 'predestined' that the Earth's axis will take 24,000 years to complete a 'wobble' (i.e. precession). What does it mean? Good question! What does it mean when the Sun rises? What does it mean when it is high noon or setting in the West? What is the meaning of night time? It means whatever you have made it to mean, but we humans tend to follow a pattern of waking up, being awake, falling asleep, sleeping, and waking up again. We call this a 'day.'

Every 'day' is like the Sun being born again, and as offspring of the Sun, it is said our 'Soul' is reborn over and over, being refined like gold in a crucible (gold is also associated with the Sun and the Soul). The word for the Sun in Latin is Sol, and that is the name of the star at the center of our solar system. The word 'soul' is a variation of Sol. It is said that the Sun 'burns a whole' in the astrological chart where the person's Soul will be focused. From the beginning of recorded time, the Sun was considered the Divine Creator from which each 'soul' was a 'star' embodied in the Creator's image.

The long and short of it is that all life on Earth is sourced from the Sun and currently empowered by the Sun locally and the rest of the stars surrounding us universally. It's a very, very big universe, and this world is a world within worlds within worlds. Predestined? Ordered, let's say. From the atomic to the galactic, everything is in credible order and balance. All the creatures of the Earth adhere to an undeniable design and production process. DNA is a resonating spring with harmonics that can tune each other in and reprogram themselves, adapting to their environment. Is it possible that the resonance of DNA can be affected by the positions of the Sun and Moon, like the tides of the oceans and sap of the trees? Can Mars promote war? Can Jupiter cause one to be jovial? (Jovial is a derivative of the word Jupiter). Does the Sun affect one's Soul? Or the Moon the Mind? Just what do you think is happening here anyway?

Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails ...

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