Oscillations can be found in nearly all cosmic motions. Orbits constantly respond to their own movements, oscillating to remain in balance. Like a top, the Earth's axis 'wobbles' and that wobble also oscillates.

That's particularly why it is difficult to determine exactly the speed of the precession and it's angles. Even the Earth's axial tilt oscillates between 22.1 and 24.5 degrees, called nutation..

In Vedic astrology, the Ecliptic is divided into 12 equal parts of 30° even though the actual constellation sizes may vary in size. Rudolph Steiner (of the Steiner schools) measured the signs as they appear, and so the size of the signs vary. In Vedic astrology, the center of the galaxy is considered within the constellation of Sagittarius between 0° 0' 0" - 13° 19' 59". This section is known as Mula in Sanskrit meaning "root." Mula is represented by the tail of the Scorpion, which includes the nine stars: Epsilon, Mu, Zeta, Eta, Theta, Iota, Kappa, Upsilon and Lambda Scorpionis (which have an Ecliptic longitude within the sign of Sagittarius).

How interesting that a science thousands of years old knew about the center of the galaxy while the Roman world would not even conceive of such a thing for many eons later. According to the Vedas, our soul returns to its 'root' after however many lifetimes it may take to play out one's karma and return to the source. The center of the galaxy is indeed the root of it all. We ARE children of the galaxy. ;-)

There are a LOT of oscillations going on, many are unpredictable. In the astrology program that I developed, Lunascope, data from NASA JPL was used for as accurate a calculation as possible to get planetary positions. Once the transits were animated, one can easily see the lunar nodes oscillating, moving retrograde normally, then would stop and briefly go direct, then back to retrograde. I initially thought this was an error in the program, but that is the true motion of the lunar nodes. The lunar nodes are the points on the Ecliptic where the paths of the Sun and the Moon intersect. This is the place where eclipses occur.

The lunar nodes are known as Rahu and Ketu representing a serpent cut in half with Rahu as the head and Ketu the tail. On March 24, 2020, the day of the world horoscope for the year, Ketu was in Mula. The traditional interpretation of this aspect is based upon the 'eclipsing' of the center of the galaxy, our 'root,' and it has very dark implications. It causes viruses, political unrest, world-wide deceptions and mistakes on a global scale. Ketu was in Mula on September 11, 2001. 1983 also had Ketu in Mula, that was the year Soviet fighters downed Korean Air Lines Flight 007 near Moneron Island on September 1, 1983, carrying 269 people, including Georgia congressman Larry McDonald.

Those familiar with the Conics of Apollonius will understand the cosmic mechanics of a galaxy to an atom. A magnet has 2 primary fields that are perpendicular to each other, the magnetic and dielectric.

As for whether the position of the Solar system orbiting the center of the galaxy can be a cause for Sun spots, I don't know, possibly. The Younger Dryas event may have been the result of 2 comet impacts 9-14 thousand years ago. It is theorized that the Earth was passing through a field of comets. These comets may also be orbiting the galaxy with our Solar System as well.

What is more probable concerning the Sun is that it may go into low power mode during the ice ages. Stars within the galactic fields (as described in the above pics) are connected by strings of energy flowing from star to star along the meridian lines of the magnetic field of the galaxy.

The galaxy is always in balance, always. The solar system is always in balance, always. The Earth and Moon and all the planets are always in balance, always. They are in harmonic resonance with each other. Each are influenced by the other and vice versa. The cosmic web can be likened to a spider web with morning dew drops at each intersection, reflecting all the other dew drops that are reflecting all the other dew drops, and on and on. The Vedas assert that all life is connected to the same source. That each of us are a reflection of the Universe from the place and time of one's birth. Each of us carry a snapshot of the Universe from the perspective of the individual life form's time and place. We are creations and creators, mirroring the cosmic to the local.

The Sun represents the Soul and the very marrow of our bones. We are made of a body of fields, considered our 'light' body. Light is a resonance, like sound and all the rest of the frequency spectrum. Living is essentially resonating. When the song stops, the radio is silent.

My obsession is with making the distinctions between Power and Empowerment. Power is in the realm of the physical, empowerment is of the metaphysical. Sound is physical, music is metaphysical. The body is physical, the Soul is metaphysical.

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