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My knowledge of astrology augments my knowledge of astronomy and vice versa. My interest is in the physics of atoms and galaxies, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, all are in accord with the laws of nature, which I endeavor to understand. Ask the right questions, and you get the right answers.

The discoveries I would like to share with you are primarily for the purpose of having a dialog in order to find mutual clarity and common ground. I wish to be understood, but am I understandable? There are a few things I am trying to convey because they have made a significant impression upon me. But the impressions are experiential, and merely conveying information does not make the same impression. For the most part, I would say I have whittled the current dialog to 'Power and Empowerment.'

Most of what I have integrated over the last 50 years has been in that pursuit -- what is happening here? How? Why? Who says? When do I get a say? And for the most part, the answers I have been given were, how can I put it, utter and complete bullshit. My disdain for arbitrary authority began when I was very young. I was not a big fan of school (what hoops are they going to make us jump through today?). Nor of the crap spewed from teachers, nuns, psychologists, cops, or armies of faceless bureaucrats found at the ends of the lines in the DMV, court houses, hospitals, and any and all public services, whether wanted or unwanted.

But in the search for what is happening and why, I cannot ignore the fact that whatever is happening here I am responsible for my part in it. 'Here' includes me and whatever is happening here; I am the one experiencing it and act in either response to what is happening or to initiate something to happen. If what is happening is the family having dinner, I am part of that happening as are the others part of what's happening. Each of our actions are basically a call or a response, a questioning or an answering, a declaration or a denial, a proposal, an agreement or not or counter-proposal -- endless combinations. So 'what is happening' is in the process of happening, and all of us are part of it. What happened? There was a house, then people showed up, and food was prepared and served. The family asked questions of each other and stories were related. Music was played and merriment followed. Love was expressed, hope was entreated, they embraced and returned to their houses. Why? The 'why' is in each of them, why they came, why they helped, why they spoke, why they are who they are, essentially. By coming together, they have empowered each other by being in synch and loving each other. Being in 'harmony' is empowering.

It's a long way of saying, "You get out of it what you put into it." ;-)

So what is happening is a combination of what already is in the process of happening and what I do with it. It is a windy day, the flying of kites is up to me.

Do I have free will? Do I have to go out and buy a kite and fly it to prove it to you? ;-) But a kite needs wind, and no matter my 'will' I will have to be in a time and place where the weather is 'cooperating'. I may be free to choose kite flying, but I do not have the power (or the right?) to command the winds.

This world was here before I came, and it will be here long after my bones are dust. But every brick humankind has laid upon another over the last 12,000 years has resulted in this 'modern' world, created within every moment in the time and place in which it was 'happening.' Who are the Creators? All of us. All the time. In moments like now, the world 'happens.' ;-) We are in a constant process of becoming -- yet we are whole and have already become what we are right now -- creation is continuous and the worlds are still 'becoming.'

We each have our spheres of influence. Our home base sets the 'tone' for all under the roof. The various chambers have certain 'vibes' the occupant is expressing. I think back to the wide range of 'atmospheres' found along the hallways of the Pi house. You knock on one door and you've got one scene going, knock on another and a different scene happening. Music (or lack thereof) being the underlying force that governs the 'feeling' and 'mood' of those making it happen. Music has the power to create worlds. A song is metaphysical -- it has no mass, no cartesian coordinates. Where does the music go when the musicians stop playing? What is its source?

Music is the nexus of the physical and the metaphysical -- therefore, we dance! Such a simple demonstration of harmonic resonance in the physical human in response to a metaphysical force. The energy was carried metaphysically -- actually there is no energy transfer, the ringing of the same resonant harmonic note will empower any others 'tuned' to the same frequency. It doesn't take more power from the radio transmitter to broadcast to 1 or 10,000 radios, each of the radios are powered to receive certain signals and amplify them.

Now what can music do to you? Well, I'll tell ya. I am really not in the mood for some Black Sabbath right now -- good luck with all that, Ozzie. Nor am I interested in the pablum of Barry Manilow. I've got to be in the right frame of mind to listen to techno, jazz, rock, classical, blues, R&B, pop, Dead. But I generally pick something to listen to that is in harmony with what my feeling is while driving, working, making supper, or just closing my eyes and 'getting into it.' Sometimes I am moved to tears, sometimes I am turned on and tuned up ready to take on the world. I've always been fascinated with what the music of Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead 'does'. It is something. ;-)

On that note, what does my music do? I am not playing any instrument at the moment, but isn't the song continuous? Is there not a tempo and mood associated with what is happening right now? Do I not have an aim, a point, a principle? How do I face the trials and tribulations of each day? Am I putting in what it takes? Am I just a passenger and at the effect of everything and everyone? Am I driving or being driven?

I must admit I do not like to be 'driven' by that which I cannot control. Addictions, bad habits, obligations, debts, if I dig deep enough, I might never get out. How far will I let myself go? What does it take to kick my own ass? I can keep running these old 'tapes' or come up with something fresh, a new song, or maybe a new style of music. Has the heart anything more to say?

But it is my song to sing, blues and all. The world makes its impressions upon me, as I make impressions upon the world -- it is a dance between us. Who is leading whom? Who calls the tune?

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