The Planets' Influence


The meaning of the planets:

The Sun represents the Soul, higher consciousness. The Moon reflects the mind and emotions. Mercury represents the intellect. The 3 form the individual eqo.

Mars is the planet of War, of action. Mars represents prowess, courage, valour, immense strength and physical stamina. Mars has the capacity to control nature's forces.

Jupiter, 'Guru' in Sanskrit, is the spiritual teacher representing expansion, happiness, and higher knowledge. Jupiter represents the husband in a woman's chart.

Venus stands for refinement and the desires of man, procreation and life on Earth. Venus represents the wife (in a man's chart), marriage, sex and semen.

Saturn is the great teacher of cosmic truths; it works through restrictions, obstructions, frustrations, unhappiness, disillusionment, setbacks, and even death. Through restriction and limitation, Saturn forces the soul to recognize inner truth obscured by the veils of matter. Saturn is the planet of Karma.

The Northern Lunar node and Southern Lunar node form the Karmic Axis. They are not physical but can often be among the strongest influences in the Zodiac. They tend to cast a shadow wherever they are. The lunar nodes are indicators of past life karma and attachments.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto have more of a reflective quality to them, and are not considered by some Vedic astrologers. I have noticed that Uranus often shows where technology is focused on a person's life.

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