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I should clarify that Vedic astrology is based on the sidereal zodiac, not the common Western tropical zodiac. That is to say, the positions of the planets and stars are relative to fixed positions of the stars rather than a moving position based on the Spring Equinox. The Earth's axis precesses like a wobbling spinning top. The Equinoxes gradually move about 1 degree over 4 years, thus the Leap Year to keep Spring as March 20-22. Spring is currently when the Sun crosses the Ecliptic in Pisces. In about 150 years, the Spring Equinox will be in the sign of Aquarius. Contrary to popular belief, the Aquarian Age will be a time of Saturnian restrictions as opposed to Jupiter's 2000 year period of expansion of knowledge -- the Age of Enlightenment. It's quite possible the next Ice Age may kick in. Looking at the ice core samples from Greenland and Antarctica, ice ages typically run about 90K-100K years followed by a 10K-12K period of warming. This cycle has repeated for several million years. We are at the tail end of 12,000 years since the last ice age. Also interesting to note that low levels of carbon dioxide (about 250 ppm) are associated with ice ages. The CO2 level now is around 400 ppm and could double or triple without any negative effect on Earth -- quite the contrary, vegetation would explode! Carbon-based life forms need Carbon! Sheesh.

This ultimately brings us to the Sun. Pretty much everything taught about the Sun and the solar system is flat out wrong. There was no Big Bang, only a Long Squirt, still going. Galaxies are not giant drains the suck up all matter into a black hole of oblivion. Quite the opposite. Galaxies spit out stars like a lawn sprinkler. Galaxies create stars which create planets. The Sun is not a giant ball of molten metal. It is a giant ball of plasma, highly charged, with a cold fusion surface that has literally poured out all the matter that has made up the planets. The heavier elements escape velocity formed Mercury and Venus. The lighter elements formed the gaseous planets. The Sun even creates H2O that is captured in Earth's orbit. The solar system is actually a one-celled organism, if you will. All the planets within the solar system are within a solar field. A spinning plasma disk that forms the solar system. Like pouring a pancake on a spinning griddle.

Also, to note, the Sun's output has been decreasing steadily for the last 30 years observed. It is currently operating at less than 30%. It's possible that ice ages are triggered by cycles of turning on and off the Sun by a galactic field cycle.

The Sun is not just a giant ball of matter with a gravitational pull on the planets but also has a complex magnetic field that is constantly going through charging and discharging cycles. Sun spots are the result of these magnetic fields. The Earth sees many more hurricanes during these periods. Besides a magnetic field, there is a perpendicular dielectric field. Tesla and other brilliant engineers like Charles Proteus Steinmetz (love this guy) developed various coils and transformers to tap into these natural dielectric fields. You can put a copper antenna at the top of a hill and a cable strung down and grounded at the bottom and it will create a current of a few volts. The same idea has been proposed for the Space Station (without the ground).

In high school, for extra credit in my AP physics class, I wrote a BASIC program to calculate the orbit of the Moon. But no matter how I tweaked it, the Moon would crash into the Earth. I later learned that the Moon's orbit cannot be due to gravity alone. It is kept in place (oscillating) by its charge. It turns out that 99% of the universe is plasma, not empty space. We are living in a sea of energy, potential and otherwise. The charges that plasma carry can override gravity by thousands of times. Even the Sun is held in place by the galactic fields that literally light up the Sun itself. The Sun is powered by the galactic field (in a string of sister stars), and the planets are powered by the Sun.

The Vedas take it even a step further -- all living creatures on Earth are created by the Sun and are empowered by the Sun. We are essentially wirelessly solar powered. ;-) The Sun is known as Sol, and empowers Souls. We are in a sense children of the Sun, resonating according to the time and place under the Heavens. We are influenced by the world and the world is influenced by us on many levels. Vedic astrology is for understanding the soul work of this life and to perhaps give the aspirant an idea of the kind of planetary weather in store for us. It is not an excuse to do nothing, quite the opposite. We must either take the charge or become pawns for others. In this world, all creatures depend on eating other living things. That is the nature of this world, and until that changes, watch your back just like every other animal at the watering hole. ;-)

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